Mbsm Solutions, LLC

Actuarial Services


Mbsm Solutions’ commitment to the viability and effectiveness of social insurance programs is unique. We can assist state Medicaid agencies, new and existing MCOs, and their partner providers with:

Group Benefits

Mbsm Solutions values organizations’ efforts to provide attractive, comprehensive, and cost-effective insurance coverage to employees and their dependents. We can assist you to determine the optimal risk-sharing mechanism to sustain these benefits. No matter the size of your company, your location, or the mobility of your workforce, we have the capacity, experience, qualifications, and platforms to simplify the design, pricing, and implementation of your benefit offerings.

Valuation of Social Security Programs

Mbsm Solutions provides actuarial valuation of existing social security programs, including assessment of trust funds’ long-term balances to determine the contribution rates required to fulfill regulatory requirements. For new programs, we can assist with actuarial cost projections under different financial systems and funding mechanism scenarios. We also transfer technical knowledge through tailored training programs.

Universal Health Care

We believe that access to essential health care is an issue of human rights. As such, we find it rewarding to support countries’ efforts to strengthen their health care systems and to implement universal health care systems (UHCS). Mbsm Solutions can provide actuarial assistance at each stage of such effort, including feasibility studies, design, implementation, and risk-sharing strategies throughout the pricing cycles.