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About Mbsm Solutions

Mbsm Solutions is an actuarial consulting, underwriting, and insurance brokerage company created to provide expert insurance services. In the actuarial area our focus is group benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, and social insurance programs. 

We recognize that the development and implementation of a Universal Health Care System (UHCS), underway in many developing countries, requires an integrated actuarial approach for financial soundness and viability. Mbsm Solutions has developed the know-how to assist international clients to close the actuarial gaps that exist in UHCS design and financing. 

We value diversity, inclusion, equal opportunity, and human rights advocacy.

Actuarial Services

We assist with the actuarial aspects of social insurance programs, group benefits, experience studies, and more.

Insurance Brokerage Services

We look after your interests and assist you to secure the coverage you need.

Reinsurance Brokerage Services

We analyze the risks and the rewards of each situation to design and implement the optimal solutions on your behalf.


Whether you are an individual, association, NGO, or a government entity, we are here to partner with you to find the insurance products or systems that are most appropriate to meet your needs and circumstances. 

We use our actuarial knowledge and analytical skills to provide tailored choices on insurance product design, pricing, and risk-sharing strategies that will support your goals.


We strive to be the insurance market of choice and a single source of actuarial services to protect your health and financial well-being.

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